Monday, October 31, 2016

Suffix Endings

2H has been busy understanding base words and suffix endings and all of the many ways to use suffixes! We discovered that the -s and -es ending are tricky and that base words ending in -s,-sh,-ch,-x,or -z need an -es ending and all other words take a -s ending to make a word plural.

Similarly, we discovered that when adding -ed to base words to make a word in the past tense, you can get different sounds such as: /t/. /ed/, and /d/. We made this chart to help keep us on track (and some words are just plain irregular!):

Happy Halloween!

Mrs. Beland and Mrs. Humphreys represent the solar system on Halloween! Be safe trick-or-treating!

Math Updates

We have been working on measuring objects with non-standard measurement in class (measuring with cubes, paper rolls, paperclips, etc,). The kids were very engaged one day as we got to measure Jack and the Beanstalk's magical beans and garden beds. 

Math Groups

We have been working hard in small math groups every M-Th afternoons. Each group focuses on a targeted math skills. These groups are flexible and are constantly changing and adjusting to the kid's abilities. We are very fortunate to have our district math leader come work with us during the week! We have been working on fact fluency (numbers to and within 20) and place value.

2H November Newsletter

Monday, October 17, 2016

2H Sees Erosion and Weathering Up Close at the Quechee Dam

Last week, 2H and 2C took a quick afternoon field trip to the Quechee Dam to form our own observations about: 

  • how erosion and weathering occurs
  • what weathering and erosion looks like in a real-life example.
  • brainstorm ways to prevent erosion from happening
  • build our own models of dams that would prevent or slow erosion and analyze/alter our thinking after pouring water into the self-made dams

Friday, October 7, 2016

Ones, Tens, Hundreds, and Thousands!

We began Unit 2 in math this week which includes a strong focus on measurement, double digit addition, subtraction, and place value. We started off the unit with Jack and the Beanstalk and discussed all of the measurement and money involved in the story that we normally do not even think about! Later, the kids will hear a story about Jack's brother Jim and all of the measurement problems he encounters. 

Pete the Cat!

We had the privilege of getting to see Pete the Cat live at the Hopkins Center at the end of September. This was a spectacular show and all of the kids seemed to enjoy the performance!