Friday, November 18, 2016

More suffixes!

Earlier this week, 2H was divided into groups for a base word + suffix challenge. Groups were given several base words and challenged to add as many suffixes to the word as possible to create new words. This was so much fun!

Ben the Dog

2H loves having Ben the therapy dog come to our classroom each Friday morning. Students enjoy interacting with Ben while reading and hearing read alouds by his owner, Susan.

Class Election: Oscar or Freddy?

Oscar wins! Students in 2H listened to 2 potential class mascot's campaign speeches and then voted in the voting booth to elect the new class mascot! There was a distinct class favorite with the popular vote going to Oscar the dog! Students enjoyed learning about the basics regarding a presidential election. Some words that were discussed: president, duties, veto, White House, military, voting, America, citizen, voting booth, election, ballot, and responsibility.